Roy Communities that Care Coalition

Have you noticed the signs throughout the city? Roy Communities that Care has been spreading joy and happiness in our community! During this difficult time, the coalition collaborated with Weber-Morgan Health Department’s (WMHD) for an opportunity to socially connect and support others, while maintaining a safe physical distance campaign. The coalition had yard signs made with hopeful and positive messages. They are posted throughout the city in hopes of brightening your day and making you smile. See how many different messages you can find! This is their way of creating CommUNITY.

Speaking of CommUNITY
The Roy CTC is all about building CommUNITY. Their vision is for a compassionate, accepting community where all people work together to create a safe and healthy environment for all.

Would you join us?
This is a new time for our community to navigate. The coalition is working on ways to decrease risk factors and increase protective factors to strengthen the youth in our community, therefore, making our community stronger as a whole.

Come hear what they are working on! You may want to be part of the Roy CTC or maybe you would like to just help out on certain projects, such as posting yard signs to create a spark of joy in someone just passing by. Come be a voice and share your ideas!


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