Mayor Message

In human history, there is rarely a time when a single event changes the foundation on how we all live. This Covid-19 virus pandemic has shaken the very core of our way of life. Our travel, work, school, and social involvements have all been disrupted! Our buying habits shattered! Even our family traditions have been altered! It is hard to believe that an object so small can have such a large impact on us. But it is here, in Roy City, and it will take time to find normalcy after this terrible infection is gone.
Roy City government has been forced to adjust, just like you, in how it balances our public service responsibilities and public health necessities. The focus of our efforts must include the health and welfare of our residents and employees. This event has forced the city to cancel or postpone important events and activities. Even traditional city events that are scheduled are now being reviewed. Be patient with us. We are traveling through unchartered territory. These adjustments are temporary, and when appropriately cleared to return to normal, we will do so. Just know that any adjustments will be based on safeguarding the public and employees.
Our country, state, and community are working through a difficult time. Although other parts of the country are realizing devastating impacts from this virus, we are not immune, but we can hold back this raging storm if we continue doing what we have been asked to do. It is working! This is not the first time this country has experienced such a deadly pandemic. But, unlike previous wars on humanity, we have in our ranks skilled medical and health personnel, improved technology, and unprecedented communications. No other time in human history has a society been more equipped to handle such an elusive enemy. However, all these resources serve no purpose unless everyone does their part to remove this plague from our shores. It starts by keeping an appropriate distance from each other and washing our hands.
We will get through this, of that, I’m sure! We must rely on the professional skills of our health and medical personnel to lead us out of this crisis. Please, don’t be complacent in our responsibilities to help end this pandemic. Be safe and stay at home if possible.

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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