Taking Care of People and the Cars They Drive

Special article brought to you by John Chevalier Collision Centerz

John Chevalier saw the location in Ogden that would eventually become John Chevalier Collision Centerz, and he knew it would do well as a vehicle body shop.

He started out as a painter’s helper, worked his way up, and accrued around 14 years of experience in Collision management before he started working as a Collision Director for Miller Group. John worked to show the viability of the auto-body shop at that ideal location, but Miller Group chose not to pursue it. John Chevalier had always worked for dealerships; however, he was confident the auto-body shop would do well. John Watson was the owner of the property at the ideal location, and John Chevalier talked to him about running the business independently. Watson was a hundred percent supportive, and they worked out a deal. The pro forma John Chevalier had worked out earlier went exactly like he thought it would!

John Chevalier grew up in Ogden, attended Roy High School, then Weber State University, and continues to be a local Ogden resident. The fact that this is a local business sets them apart from other body shops because consolidators are trying to buy up the independent businesses. John Chevalier Collision Centerz is also the largest independent auto body shop in town. John said that when only a few people own the majority of the collision shops across the country, it can really limit the options insurance companies can choose from. This effects what the collision centers charge for their services, which can give consolidators a big advantage. John Chevalier Collision Centerz has major contracts with large insurance companies. “If we treat the insurance companies fair, they are going to stay with us, and that, perhaps, means even more business.”

He explained how he appreciates all the employees and how they do such a good job. “We are established, we have a good name and a good store.” They are always looking for technicians. “It’s hard work, but there’s good money in it.” He said technicians can make between 60-80 grand a year, and estimators can make around 70-80. John explained how it takes time for a person to learn complicated aspects of the job, such as pulling a frame or a motor out of a car. Of the different programs he has seen, John recommends the auto-body program at UVU the most. He said the demand for technicians is industry wide.

If you ever need auto-body work done on a vehicle, visit John Chevalier Collision Centerz. They get the work done fast, they are honest, and they have a knowledgable staff. When other auto-body shops tell you no, check with JohnChevalier. Not only are you getting top quality service, but you are supporting a local business and, therefore, supporting your own community.


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