Mayor Message

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

Early in this year’s Utah Legislative cycle, the City Manager and I had an opportunity to meet with local legislators and the Director of UDOT. The discussion was specific in addressing the traffic challenges associated with the 5600 South and I-15 Interchange. New commercial development taking place in the northern part of Hill AFB and current conditions required us to bring this traffic situation to the attention to those in the meeting. It was important that I shared the need to plan for this situation, rather than react to it later. The message was well received, and work began. It was nice to hear that UDOT was authorized $10M to make improvements to the 5600 corridors. It is not a total fix, but rather a good start to help mitigate some of the problems we are facing now and into the short-term future.

This month, we begin providing Community Clean-up programs. We will have dumpsters available at the Public Works facility for residents’ trash and green waste drop-off. The sign-up for the Neighborhood Beautification Dumpster program will also take place. With Saturday dumpster deliveries to take place starting in May, you and nine of your neighbors need to sign up. Check the Public Works website for dates and rules on both programs. These are great programs to help make Roy beautiful and welcoming. Remember, the official US Census process starts this month. We all need to do our part by filling out forms online, by mail, or phone. Please plan on providing this critical information. We all will benefit from an accurate count.
Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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