Turning a house into a home

It can be an oasis from the crazy world outside in which you and your loved ones are able to relax. This might be as simple as purchasing new throw pillows for your couch or as extensive as blowing out walls and building an addition onto your home, as friends of ours recently did. This special edition magazine is focused on some local companies that specialize in home upgrades and repairs. We sought their expertise and present it to you here.

The timing of this issue is great because Melissa and I are preparing to make some significant changes to our home. With 30-year-old kitchen and bathrooms at our house, it is time to update. When we first moved in, our home was a foreclosure that needed some love. Our money went to new carpet and paint but not to updating things like the bathrooms and kitchen.

Some small things we did nearly 10 years ago when we moved in were simple but helped; they are also very budget friendly. First, we had our air conditioning serviced. We replaced a window that had been damaged and had a door replaced. Along with that replacement, we put in new door seals, which better sealed off the weather from the outside. One simple thing I did was put a frame around a couple of the mirrors in bathrooms; this made a big impact. We also replaced worn and dated cabinet handles and knobs in our bathrooms. There were too many to replace in our kitchen for our small budget, so we sanded and painted the existing knobs, and it made a big difference.

This article features spotlights on local companies that offer some great options for you to consider when making upgrades to your home this year. Experts recommend that a homeowner should invest 2%-4% of a home’s value, on average, each year. That is $6,000 to $12,000 per year on a $300,000 home. This could be as big as replacing all the windows in a home or as small as having regular maintenance on critical systems like HVAC. Replacing smoke and CO2 detectors is another great upgrade, as they decrease in sensitivity over time.

In speaking with R n R Carpet Center’s in-house design expert, we learned of some of the home decor trends that are currently in style. The all-white kitchen has been a trend for quite a while and is no longer the kitchen of choice. Color is being introduced more frequently in either pale pinks, greens, and blue or more boldly with blacks, navies, and other Art Deco style statements. Natural wood coloring is also very popular right now.

Trends in flooring are changing as well, with more distinct patterns in both carpet and tile. Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank that looks like wood and bigger slat hardwood are also trending. When moving to the bathrooms, our experts at Sand and Swirl tell us the Grout is Out! Their seamless smooth surfaces are both durable and beautiful; they can mimic natural stone in looks but have none of the weaknesses, and they never need sealing. Marble is very popular at this point and would be a great addition to your bathroom. Outside, we also see the continued trend of natural rock walls in landscaping that add beauty and functionality.

Whether you are going to do some major remodeling and decorating or if you are going to update some of your home’s infrastructure with a whole-house air filter or fresh-air fan, we know you will find your own style and hope it brings you joy when you enjoy the benefits of making your house your home.


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