Rentmeister Total Home Service

So many of us are concerned today about the Coronavirus outbreak and the effect it may have on our families. We might be wondering what we can do to keep our families healthy and safe. We cannot always control what happens outside of our homes, but we can focus on what happens inside. Consider the air quality in your home and what you can do to improve it. As leaders in the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry since 1963, Rentmeister Total Home Service can help.

Ryan Rentmeister, a 2nd-generation member of his family-owned business, is proud of the work his father, Don Rentmeister, started over 50 years ago. In addition to helping us with our air quality, Rentmeister is also interested in servicing your plumbing needs, fireplaces, heating, and air.

Currently, Ryan says, “The biggest thing we have to offer is the Air Purification System, which goes after the viruses, bacteria, and molds and is proven to kill germs in the air and on surfaces.”

Rentmeisters Total Home Services is known for using the Air Purification System called Reme Halo. RGF is the manufacturer of the Reme Halo. This device is installed into the AC system and is unique in the sense that it produces ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules. These molecules are evenly distributed to every cubit feet of air in your home. When these ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules come into contact with bacteria in your home, such as mold, viruses, odor, mold spores, etc., it breaks down and destroys the air quality contaminants on the spot. This is greatly effective for the residential home and for families to improve quality of life, especially as we exercise social distancing from our family, friends, and neighbors. This Reme Halo System is also known for helping particles such as dust, dander, and pollen stick together, thus creating a larger size for the existing filtration system to capture and dispose of. Rentmeisters Total Home Services has built up a solid reputation with many customers, including those in Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake Counties. They are eager to help the local home owner with any needs they may have. With the concern of air quality all around us, Ryan Rentmeister did say, “There is a rush on the air filter system, Reme Halo.” Although, he reassured us that he’s doing all he can to keep up with the demand and to service his customers.


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