Are Dangerous Pathogens Lurking Next to You and Your Family?

With all the justifiable attention being directed towards the Coronavirus, it may be time to make sure other dangerous pathogens aren’t lurking. Mold exposure is a hidden-risk epidemic threatening our health. Present day estimates claim that nearly 50% of all U.S. homes have some form of mold infiltration caused by water damage. Mold is a pervasive fungus that can be growing anywhere in your home where moisture has not been remediated. It can creep into your home like a poltergeist. Unabated, it can quickly become dangerous and/or life threatening. Molds are proven to increase asthma, inflammation, breathing problems, fatigue, infections, and even depression.

Penicillium, Cladosporium, Aureobasidium, Chaetomium, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Serpula Lacrymans, Ulocladium, and Trichoderma are all extremely dangerous monsters that are potentially stalking your family. The most common type of bathroom mold is Alternaria and/or Stachybotrys Chartarum, commonly known as “black mold”. Mold escalates respiratory infections and asthma by nearly 50%, increases bronchitis cases by 8 to 20%, and can even cause significant memory loss, among other health concerns. Alarmingly,mold-born illness(es) will likely be misdiagnosed by health care professionals. Floodsman specializes in removing mold and remediating the affected area to ensure the mold never returns. We strongly recommend your home be professionally inspected for mold. If no mold is discovered, you will have peace of mind; however, if mold is exposed, we will help you formulate a plan of attack. An essential part of the process is a thorough cleaning of the area with special chemicals.
This prevents the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms contained in the mold. It’s important to rid the area of unwanted water and reduce moisture levels to appropriate levels. If the entire area isn’t dried properly, mold will easily grow again. Our process includes a final cleaning, which makes certain the infected area is cleared of any remaining contaminants.
Floodsmen’s specialized drying technique has been proven to make sure that water damage will not turn into mold. Our crews are detailed-oriented and certified to tackle the toughest jobs, both residential and commercial. Call us today for a free assessment of any water damage, mold concern, or sewer back up you encounter.


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