Primary Elections are on March 3

Political Scientist, Larry J. Sabato, stated, “Every election is determined by the people who show up.” This year, residents of Weber County have three elections in which they can choose to “show up” and make their voice heard. A Presidential Primary, June Primary, and the November General Election.

What is a Primary Election?

Primary elections are used by political parties to narrow down a field of candidates and choose the one that will represent them on the ballot in November. In a primary, the political party gets to choose who can participate, based upon a voter’s party affiliation. As a voter, you may only participate in one party’s primary. All of the candidates that win a primary, or are nominated by their political parties, appear on the November ballot, where voters get to pick the candidate they like best – regardless of which political party they belong to.

How can I participate?

Ballots are mailed to every active registered voter that belongs to (or has requested) a ballot for a political party holding a primary election. Voting has never been easier! Ballots will be mailed out about three weeks before each election and can be cast in three different ways: 1) Ballots can be mailed back with a first class stamp, 2) Ballots can be placed in secure, 24-hour drop boxes located at every city hall and public library; there is even one on campus at Weber State, 3) Voters can vote in-person at the Weber Center, starting the Wednesday before the election, or at Ogden’s Union Station on Election Day. Skip the line by voting by mail or in a drop box.


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