Mayor Message

A recent, tragic aircraft incident in Roy City left mixed emotions with many of our residents. Most of the heartfelt feelings were directed towards the family who lost a prominent member in our community. There’s no question that it was a difficult moment for family and friends, but we hoped that our collective prayers would bring some needed comfort. The investigation into the cause is still underway. Other reactions focused on the incident itself, leaving questions on how an aircraft could crash into our residential neighborhood. To help find answers, I asked the Ogden Airport Manager to bring together local mayors, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) personnel, and State of Utah authorities. In February, the meeting was held, questions were asked, and good information was provided. It is important to understand what role the FAA and Ogden Airport authorities play in administering General Aviation safety and what changes can be applied to minimize risk. I walked away with answers that were important to know, but no silver bullet that will prevent incidents in the future. It was helpful, but not conclusive.
The US Census Day is April 1, 2020; however, we can begin to fill out forms on-line and provide information by phone starting on March 12. Watch your mail this month for details. Self-response online, by phone, by mail, or in person is available until the end of July. Please plan on providing this critical information. There are so many reasons why our community needs this accurate count.
It was suggested that we establish a single email address to contact all members of the city council at once. We did this, and the email address is You can also still reach out to individual members.
Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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