Celebrating Women in Business

We have the unique opportunity to spotlight some powerful women this month in our Women in Business issue. In my professional career, I have noticed something very valuable: if you put a woman in charge, things work out better. In every company I have worked for, women have been the glue who held things together; they were usually the standard by which other employees were judged.

I have always been inspired by amazing women. I had an entrepreneur grandmother who had a hair salon and beauty school. My mother is an entrepreneur who is a wedding planner and florist. And so, I was delighted and felt privileged to spend time getting to know the women entrepreneurs and leaders who make up North Ogden Connection’s Women in Business Special issue. I was, at times, even moved by their stories. One woman said, “I don’t know what to say about myself, I haven’t accomplished anything!” I couldn’t believe my ears. She is an inspiring woman who runs a successful business and is someone who I look up to. I asked her to still be part of this feature because she could inspire the next generation of aspiring women entrepreneurs and leaders.

The cover photo you see, and the individual pictures of each of these women, were taken by Jason Hadley of Masterpiece Images. He was great to work with, and the photos are stunning. I was looking for a way to make this photo shoot special and went to JCPenny on Riverdale to speak with the store manager, Allyson Pettingill. I told her about the upcoming issue and asked if she would consider hosting our women guests for a fun night of beauty and photographs. Allyson was excited about the event and loved the idea of honoring these great ladies. She said the timing was perfect because, for the first time in its 117-year history, JCPenny had recently appointed their first female CEO. She also mentioned that most of the staff and leadership in her store are female. They were the most gracious hosts. Allyson brought in makeup artists from the in-store Sephora and included hair stylists from the JCPenny salon in the festivities. They even brought in snacks for everyone to enjoy. A good time was certainly had by all that night! Vy, one of our employees who previously worked as a stylist, used her expertise to consult on the outfit details for the photos. We would like to thank each of these women for being willing to be spotlighted and give a big thank you to Allyson and her staff for being such fabulous hosts.

Over the next several posts, you will find the bios of each woman featured. Most of them are your neighbors, and you may know some of them. These women are leaders and examples of the best that we have, and we are honored to have them highlighted within the pages of this magazine.

Fashion, makeup and hairstyles provided by JCPenny’s on Riverdale Rd.


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