Kirt’s Drive-in

When you have an iconic restaurant in your community like Kirts, it is a risk to change anything! Especially since it has been around since before many of us were born. You have loyal followers that have long-time favorites, so you want to keep them happy, but you also want to update, make things fresh, and add some fun new flavors. When Kevin Hall and Nathan Hide purchased Kirts last year, their goal was to do a refresh but keep the classic soul of Kirts in place. We were able to sit down with Kevin recently and sample their new food. Kevin and Nathan also own Peach City in Brigham City and love hometown drive- in style restaurants with nostalgic vibes. When they found out that Kirts was for sale, they were excited to bring it into their fold.

The first transition they made was to upgrade the quality of the beef and buns in the burgers. Nice juicy, thick patties are now standard at Kirts. Along with the updated patties and buns, they have introduced several new flavor profiles in their burgers; you can choose from 8 specialty burgers. We were tried the Cowgirl Joe, a BBQ burger with onion rings, The Bacon Bleu Burger with bleu cheese and crisp bacon, and the Pastrami Burger. We loved them all and could tell that quality ingredients were used. My favorite was the Pastrami Burger, and Melissa really enjoyed the Cowgirl Joe.

Another new addition is a variety in fries. They have classic French fries, along with waffle cut fries and sweet potato fries. I really liked the waffle cut style fries. They have also added in some specialty drinks. We tried a Jitter Bug, which is a tart green apple in an alien green color. Both Melissa and I favored the Peachy Keen, which is a peaches and cream flavored soda. Add these new flavors to an already awesome ice cream, soda, and slushy lineup, and Kirts is sure to please the whole family. Plus, look forward to this coming summer when Kirts will introduce a new tradition of car shows throughout the season at the restaurant. This will help them with one of their goals, which is to bring the community together and create connection. We share that goal with them: fostering community connection! Go give the new menu a try; we think you’ll soon find a new, although familiar, favorite. We are excited to have new owners at Kirts who value the traditions of old, while bringing us some bold new flavors.

Editor’s Note: The What to Eat article you just read is a sponsored restaurant spotlight. We do not critique restaurants and if we run across a restaurant that we don’t enjoy, we will simply refund their money and not run the article because we choose to focus on the positive. We just want to share with you what we experience at these local eating establishments that in-part support this publication.


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