Mayor Message

Mayor Robert Dandoy

Last month, our City Manager and I attended theGovernor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) board meeting where Northrup Grumman was recognized in its decision to locate at the Roy Innovation Center on Hill AFB. During the meeting, it was stated that 2,250 new jobs will be established, with an average wage of $102,140. This is a win-win opportunity for Northern Utah, and equally important, a wonderful chance for Roy City to benefit from our proximity to the center.

In addition, over the next few weeks, Roy City will be considering land-use planning changes. The topics will be Form-Based Codes and General Plan Amendment, issues that I suspect most people don’t have much knowledge on. These proposed adjustments will be addressed in Planning Commission and City Council meetings. I ask that you look these topics up to better understand the basic principles of what is being considered. You don’t have to look too far to see why this is happening now. Our General Plan has not been completely updated since 2004. It still indicates that we may someday get a Front Runner Station. It is so outdated!

If approved, these planning changes could set Roy City on a new path into the future. There will be BOLD ideas discussed; some people will like them, others may find reasons not to. There will be some who will say our city doesn’t need to change, that the proposed changes are not who we are. Yet, the world around us is changing every day, and Roy must find its place or be left behind.

I’m asking you, if you can, to be part of the discussion. I plan to hold City Council workshops and maybe a town hall meeting before a vote is taken. We will tell you the locations, times, and dates. The public is welcome and needed to help address these ideas. As you listen to the discussions, I would ask you to be open minded. If adjustments are needed for these ideas to fi t in our community, let’s do it. We cannot move this city forward without your help. Be part of it and let your voice be heard.


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