Having fun at Fly High!

Have you ever dreamed about being a Hollywood stuntwoman or a movie star? A mysterious wind blows your hair as you walk in slow motion, and your theme song plays in the background. And when the camera is ready, you gracefully jump into the air and land in one of those humongous air bags. Then, you wink at the director, brush off your black leather jacket, and go on your way. Awesome.

Well, I’m not a talent scout, but if you’d like to try a short version of the Hollywood stunt jump, you can go to the Fly High Adventure Park in Ogden. They are just behind the Newgate Mall, easy and close for those coming from anywhere in Weber County. Maybe you like to watch TV shows about Ninja Warriors; the Adventure Park has a Ninja Warrior course. Are you fast enough to beat the record on the wall? Their staff will be happy to time your feats of strength and agility, and if you make the top ten, your name goes on the board. You’ll be famous forever.

Another favorite at the park is the Duck and Jump, a large padded bar that spins around. You can jump over it, dodge under it, or… you should pick one of those options. This is a favorite with kids. I watched a little boy who looked too short to have a chance totally clear it with a spectacular jump. Nice job. Maybe you’re tired of the squeaking sound of your kids jumping on the furniture and you need someplace better for them to jump. The Adventure Park has tons of trampoline space where kids can jump, tumble, or play dodgeball. Do your kids like to climb? The Adventure Park’s Nets Course would be great for them. They can traverse the whole length of the building, climbing, balancing, and swinging.

Fly High has time set aside every Friday morning for young people with special needs. With a parent or caretaker alongside, they can come and have fun. It’s a slower paced, less crowded time, and they keep the music soft for kids that have trouble with loud noises. They also have times set aside for parents and tots.

Fly High often hosts parties. They have great party space and a great concession counter with a kid-friendly menu of pizza, nachos, chicken nuggets, pretzels, Cold Stone Creamery treats, and Zeppe’s Italian Ice and Custard. This is great news for all the North Ogden and Pleasant View residents who are really sad right now because Zeppe’s is closed for the season. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but you can get an Italian Ice or custard at Fly High all year long! If you want, you can come in just for the custard.

Like anything really fun, everyone does need to sign a waiver. Parents can do this online ahead of time. It saves time when you’re checking in. A reminder for all the grandparents out there: keep up the fine work, but remember that parents have to sign the paperwork.

A big thanks to General Manager Daniel Allen, who did a great job showing me around. He reviewed their safety rules and procedures, which, for an activity of this kind, are very important. Everyone who plans to come should take the time to be familiar with them. There was a lot to see, from the slack line, the arcade, the parkour course, and to all the different options for jumping. What can I say? This experience had lots and lots of UPS and DOWNS, and we had a great time!


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