Mayor’s Message

By April 1, 2020, every home will receive an invitation to take part in the U.S. Census. We will have three response options, on-line, by mail, or by phone. During this same month, census takers will begin visiting students living on campus and people living in senior centers. In May 2020, census people will begin visiting homes that haven’t responded. Please do not take this lightly, there is so much at stake in making sure this gets done.

Roy City needs an accurate count in order to ensure our fair portion of billions of federal and state dollars. This census will influence how federal funds are spent on transportation infrastructure needs and the periodic adjusting of electoral districts. The data will help communities address new schools, respond to natural disasters, and secure funding for hospitals and fire departments. But the most important part that affects each of us is the allocation of state tax revenues.

Two-thirds of all sales tax our city receives is based on our population numbers. The more accurate the census count, the more accurate our fair share of sales tax revenue. More sales tax revenue means less dependency on property tax to run the city. We all need to do our part.

A recent meeting with UDOT indicated that, in a couple of months, we should see the outcome of the Environmental Assessment Study on 5600 South. The study will include recommended changes to the 5600 South (SR-97) from 1900 West to 3500 West and the I-15 Interstate collector. This $100M plus project will be an important first step in addressing traffic challenges within the city. As soon as they are prepared to share with us their findings, we will get the information out on the public meeting time and place. Please stay involved with local government and let your voice be heard.

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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