The Early Years of Christmas in Roy

Christmas in the early years did not look like what it does today. There were chores to be done and animals to milk and feed. Presents and toys are typically the highlight for most children during the holiday season today. They likely were the highlight for children in the earliest days of Roy as well, but toys were almost unheard of in their time. Even homemade toys of any kind were repaired, cleaned, and kept year after year. Often, a boy’s only toy was a tin can used to scoop dirt.

Families tried to make it as special as they could, so, if they had a tree, it was decorated with homemade ornaments. Strings of popcorn and berries transformed ordinary trees into beacons of the holiday spirit. The night before Christmas, stockings were hung on nails which were driven into the door casings. If they didn’t have stockings, they used their own socks as stockings. The children were tucked into bed, and I’m sure they excitedly anticipated what Santa Clause would bring them.

On Christmas morning, you might have seen little girls hugging their handmade dolls. If Santa was able, he would leave homemade doll furniture like a table, chairs, cupboard, and bed. The boys received gifts like checkers, dominoes, homemade sleds, and if they were lucky, new skates.

We hope you can take some time to not only feel grateful for what you have, but to feel gratitude towards the people who made, and continue to make, Roy the wonderful place it is. Merry Christmas!


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