Mayor’s Message

With the elections over and the Christmas season upon us, let me say thank you for the service of both Council Members Dave Tafoya and Karlene Yeoman. Combined, they have been elected and/or appointed in Roy for over 30 years. Their mark and influence on the city will be noticed for generations to come. Well done!
I wish to welcome our two new City Council members Ann Jackson and Diane Wilson. They will be a wonderful addition to the council, and I looked forward to their passion to help make a difference in this city.
As we close out this year, I reflect on accomplishments and challenges. You cannot help but notice there is continuous economic growth in the city. Some of the closed storefronts have been filled. Our Public Works Department have worked hard keeping our roads properly maintained, and made significant improvements to our infrastructure. Our Parks & Recreation Department provide the finest facilities and services you will find in the broader community. Even now, progress is being made to enhance Municipal Park. Let’s not forget the incredible public safety service our Fire and Police Departments have made. These young women and men have saved the lives of so many people this year! Behind the scenes and often out of sight, stands a legion of employees who are the backbone of Roy City. Their everyday dedication to excellence and service-before-self is the foundation to all that gets accomplished. I am honored and humbled to witness such commitment to service as I have found with the employees and volunteers of this great city.
We have much to look forward to and be thankful for. As we enjoy this season of giving, may I suggest we take the time to measure our lives against what is genuinely meaningful and true. We should be more giving, more caring, more kind, more respectful of others, not just during this season, but always. Maybe one of the simplest ways to enjoy this Christmas season is to listen to understand and not so much to respond.
We have a lot of things coming next year, with discussions on the US Census, Form Based Codes, traffic issues, and budgets, to name a few. Please stay involved with local government and let your voice be heard.


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