Shop Roy – Buy Local

“Everyday customers vote with their dollars. They vote what food is popular, what entertainment they want, and what products they use,” said Jake Draper, owner of Studio 48, who chairs the Shop Roy Team of the Advisory Board. “If they have a choice and can choose to use a Roy-based business, those dollars will come back to other areas in Roy. Those dollars will stay in Roy. Those dollars will make our roads better and they’ll give our cities more money to provide better services. Those dollars will create more jobs locally. This will help our schools and our youth.”

The recently formed Roy Business Advisory Board has been created by the city to help support and grow our local businesses. Members of the Advisory Board are: Mayor Robert Dandoy, Councilman Joe Paul, Chair Craig Parr, Members Lee Holt, Chris Lewis, Brenda Nelson, Brad Hilton, Ernest Rowley, Shawn Bailey, Jake Draper and Lee Brasher. One of the goals of the board is to help educate the community about the advantages of Shopping Local. Draper said “Supporting Roy businesses will create an atmosphere where other businesses will be attracted to coming to Roy.”

Another business owner, Ryan Spelts, owner of Roy Connection, reminds us “Amazon doesn’t donate to your kids’ sports team.”Mayor Bob Dandoy gave some interesting input, “If the point of sale happens in Roy City, we get 50% back of what the State provides. The other 50% of the sales tax collected by the state (across the state) and earmarked to come back to cities, comes through population numbers. The higher the population of the city, the more of this portion of the 50% sales tax the city gets. This means 1/3 of all the sale tax revenue this City gets comes from point of sale and 2/3 of the sales tax this City gets comes from population numbers. If the residents of Roy buy local, we would get more sales tax.”

While national chains offer variety and some cool phone apps, the local stores are where we turn when we need support and donations. Local businesses support High School Athletics, clubs, and help raise money for local charities. Local business owners are our friends and neighbors.

Next time you go to buy something, we hope you consider to Buy Local and Shop Roy.
In the coming months, the Shop Roy, Buy Local campaign will be spotlighting Roy businesses here in the Roy Connection magazine so you know what great businesses are available to serve you locally.

Business Owners: We also have some great window decals for Roy Businesses. If you would like a free Window Decal with the logo or if you would like to be featured in future spotlights, please send an email to city council member Joe Paul at


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