Mayor’s Message

Mayor Robert Dandoy

The fall season is in full swing with Veterans Day and Thanksgiving this month. It’s a great time to be thankful for a wonderful nation and the women and men who served defending it. We can be grateful for a Thanksgiving season that is more than football, family reunions and the launching into the Christmas holiday. We celebrate this holiday in recognition of a humble beginning of our heritage; an expression of gratitude for survival; and a harvest festival uniting different cultures. Whichever way you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, try not to do it alone. Extend yourself, share and give to others less fortunate.

Like the changing of the season, there are also changes in City government. Within a few days, we will be voting on three City Council members. It will be a tough decision since we have 6 different ideas on important issues coming from excellent candidates. I am very much impressed with the passion many of them have in wanting to help lead and direct this City into the future. Your vote counts! If you haven’t already submitted your mail-in vote, please do so or plan to vote on election day.
Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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