Sidwell and Ure, a mixed family

The Sidwell family. Back Row: Mamie, Violet, Eugene
Front row: Marie, Melvin, Eveline

Violet was known as the happiest of people. She was the youngest of the Richard Jones Family. Her first husband was Wison Sidwell from Pocotello Idaho and after they married they lived in Roy. Violet’s sixth child died two weeks after her birth. It was a difficult time and Violet divorced her husband shortly after. She did her best to raise her children alone.

The Ure family.

 Later she married a widower Steven Ure, who had 4 children of his own. They went on to have 6 more children together to bring the combined total of children to 15. It was said that Violet was the jolliest of people and she brought so much joy to those she was around. Sounds like an amazing woman and family.


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