Mountain Shine Express Wash

People’s passion for the automobile, ever since Henry Ford made it available to almost everyone over 100 years ago, cannot be denied.  Regardless if you love to drive, as I do, or if a car is simply a machine that gets you around from A to B, your vehicle is an investment, one that needs protection and maintenance.  The love of motoring that I have is also shared by Cody Veibell & Tom Monk.  It inspired them to create Mountain Shine Express Wash.  As auto enthusiasts and local small business owners, their goal was to provide not just another car wash in our city, but the best one possible.  I could see the difference upon arriving on my first of many visits.

I was immediately impressed with the forethought and courtesies of the entire design and layout of Mountain Shine and its property.  Regardless if you drive a small 2-door hatchback or an 18 passenger full-sized van, navigating the grounds there is easy.  One of my constant criticisms about the industry as a whole, is that some facilities are located on too small of a property.  Lots of tight turns and near misses (or not) with other vehicles.  That is not the case here.  When you pull up to one of their three lanes, you are promptly greeted by one of their polite and friendly staff, who moments later meets your car around the corner at the wash entrance. With hose in hand they generously pre-treat your vehicle with cleansers before you even reach the first set of wash nozzles and brushes. 

The ceramic infused soaps and waxes they provide are yet another difference your car will benefit from.  Their wash tunnel is about 50% longer than most others, giving their product and equipment the right amount of time and distance to do an excellent job the first time through.  Their 13 air driers are a great finishing touch, sending your vehicle outside ready and looking fantastic.  As you pull your vehicle out of their wash, once again the forethought of their layout comes into play as you can very easily steer over towards their array of vacuum cleaners if you need, or back out onto the open road. 

The space their customers have to move throughout their facility is almost as nice as the quality end result of their services.  A true test of any effective car wash is how well (or poorly) their layout, equipment and people can handle heavy traffic.  I’ve used Mountain Shine when I was one of maybe two or three other vehicles, as well as being one of fifteen or so.  Both types of visits, busy or not, were so much better than what I had experienced at other wash businesses over the years.

During one of those visits this past summer, I spoke with a young man who had been chronicling his car washes at Mountain Shine in a series of cell phone photographs.  He showed me the progression of improvement his small car’s clear coat and paint luster had made, using the ceramic soaps and waxes they provide.  Looking at his earliest photo, versus the car that stood before me, I would have thought it had been repainted if the other photos hadn’t proven otherwise.  It was clear to me that he loves his car and the quality washes and service brings him back often. 

Mountain Shine Express Wash just celebrated its 1 year anniversary.  Cody & Tom love being small business owner/operators in our city.  They enjoy helping others take care of their vehicles and make those investments look their best, year round. Bring your vehicle by Mountain Shine today and show off your vehicle’s great shine and finish to your friends and neighbors.

Mountain Shine Express Wash

5263 S. 1900 W.

Roy, UT 84067


“Come experience the Mountain Shine difference!”

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  1. Thanks for being in Roy!!! I have my Odyssey and Civic both members at Mountain Shine, my Corvette I detail there too, If it wasn’t barely 5″ Off the road, I’d wash it there more than twice a year, but it makes contact with the guide rail…..


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