Connection Publishing on America’s Real Deal

DID YOU KNOW: New laws provide a safe and simple process for companies to raise debt-free capital from non-accredited investors. Thanks to the JOBS Act, anyone 18-years-old and older can invest in qualified companies. This is a GAME CHANGER for how business owners can raise debt-free capital in today’s world and how everyday people can invest in start-up companies.

One of the amazing companies YOU can invest in is Connection Publishing. Connection Publishing is a community magazine company that partners with cities to replace the traditional city newsletter with a stunning, full-featured, full-color news magazine  like the one you are reading now. They partner with each city to become their official magazine featuring official city news with added fun and engaging human interest stories from the local community. The goal behind these magazines is to unite people and communities. Everyone longs for that community and sense of belonging. They highlight outstanding students, local hiking trails, recipes, restaurants, business spotlights, and local history in each month’s magazines. This provides a hyper-local magazine for the communities they serve while also providing a source for local businesses to advertise their products and services.

Connection Publishing is now expanding and opening new city publications. The popularity of their magazine has been tremendous and they are looking at serving more communities that would benefit from the magazines and communication tools. Cities love the publications because they can communicate effectively with their community. The magazine is also unifying and a source of pride to the community because many of the articles are written about or by community members.

With this new ISM platform YOU can now be the first to invest as little as $100 into Connection Publishing before it goes national. Imagine being able to invest in Vogue Magazine the first year it was created, or Facebook when it only had 5 people on the network! Imagine how that would change your life.

Well, Connection Publishing plans to scale and could one day be in every city in every state before you know it. Because of the value they provide, it is projected to succeed, and you can get in during this first phase. To check out this once in a life-time opportunity visit:

Be sure to keep an eye out because Connection Publishing will be airing on season two of a new entrepreneurial TV show, America’s Real Deal. We are hoping for your votes so we can be crowned the Real Deal! 

“I am thrilled to be part of America’s Real Deal where the everyday American can invest and purchase products in the companies they believe in.” Forbes Riley, Billionaire Business Icon.

America’s Real Deal season one is set to air this fall. To watch the trailer of the upcoming show, America’s Real Deal visit


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