We have an exciting announcement!

Connection Publishing will be showcased on the America’s Real Deal TV Show for Season Two! We are a community magazine company that partners with cities to create their official city magazine. We started with our hometown of North Ogden and have since grown to four cities with another city coming on board this fall. There is huge potential for growth!

After months of hard work, Connection Publishing is able to accept investments as part of Reg CF of Title III of the JOBS Act. We’d like to thank our partner, the Independent Stock Market. This is a stock market that is independent of Wall Street, free of derivatives, has no manipulation, and is a buy/sell only marketplace. That is why we have decided to utilize their platform for our fund raising efforts. Not only that, but you can actually buy stock in our company. You have a chance to own a piece of Connection Publishing.

Connection Publishing LLC is poised for tremendous growth. We did about 40K in sales our first four months in business. Our first full year we had over $187,000 in sales and our second full year was over $340,000. That is growth of more than 81%. We are also on track to grow at least 50% again in 2019. We have the opportunity to take Connection Publishing to the next level with your help. We have new cities reaching out to us when they see our product. They ask us to provide our services to them, yet we have not done any out-reach since we started. You can watch our video spotlight by visiting the link here.

In addition to this awesome crowd-funding opportunity, we will be featured on America’s Real Deal during Season Two. Now is your chance to invest before the rush. We think America’s Real Deal will be the most interactive and inspiring entrepreneurial show ever created, where you, as a memberof the viewing audience, get to VOTE for us as your favorite entrepreneur and share the episode where our company is featured with your friends and followers on Facebook and other social media outlets. You can also BUY products that you love and INVEST in our company simply by using the mobile app which is now available on iOS and Android.

All the details

What is America’s Real Deal?

Learn more about what America’s Real Deal and see the season 1 trailer at: americasrealdeal.com

Where do I watch it?

America’s Real Deal is set to Air on Facebook Watch in 2019 and other national platforms including amazon fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, and Apple TV.

I’m ready to be a part of this! What’s next?

MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY (visit): www.mrcrowd.com/company/CP Your continuous support for Connection Publishing and the North Ogden Connection magazine, is appreciated. Your votes, product purchases, and investments of as little as$100 make a huge difference

We are so excited for this opportunity. We look forward to experiencing the rest of this exciting journey with all of those who have made this possible. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this unique opportunity to purchase shares in our company.

The Connection Publishing family,

Ryan and Melissa Spelts


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