Mayor Message

During an August City Council meeting, the members approved the official name of the park north behind the Hope Center/Municipal Building to be Memorial Park. This is the same park where the annual holiday tree lights are lit.

A good resident, Glenda Moore, was kind enough to provide some history about this park that many may not be aware. On October 13, 1990, the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Foundation planted 79 trees in the park to memorialize the infants in the United States who died due to causes of SIDS in 1989. The area eventually came to be nicknamed “SIDS pond,” even though it was the trees that were dedicated and not the area, and certainly not a pond. There is no pond.

In 2018, Roy City added to the festive holiday light display, four animated teddy bears as a further remembrance, with the intention of adding additional teddy bears each year until there is a “teddy bear forest” amongst the trees.

Not to be forgotten in the broader area of this Memorial Park is a holiday red, white and blue tree dedicated to those serving in the military. That holiday tree has been decorated the last few years especially for residents who have lost their lives in military service.

This Memorial Park creation and now naming, will be our way to honor those who have departed and help share a legacy to remember.

On a separate note, this magazine provides some wonderful stories about people and things. To give it a personal touch, it should include more information about us, Roy citizens. Please consider helping us with your stories to allow us to better understand your rich history. It could be great reading. If you are willing to share, please reach out to Morgan Langholf, 801-774-1021, in the front office and let her know. 

Enjoy the season and the beginning of fall this month. It is a beautiful time of the year.   

Robert Dandoy


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