5 Overlooked Benefits of Credit Cards

Credit cards are convenient. They can be used practically anytime and anywhere, and they often come with exclusive discounts, rewards, and more. You may find that using a credit card for purchases can provide more benefits than you are aware of:


Enjoy peace of mind during your vacation with travel insurance available through your credit card! The coverage of travel insurance can vary between cards – some offer specific benefits like lost luggage reimbursement, while others provide refunds for cancellations and nonrefundable expenses. Having additional coverage through your credit card can really help during the stress of traveling.


Did you know that you could have insurance on your rental car through your credit card? Before signing up for expensive protection from your rental agency, be sure to check the benefits of your credit card and look for any stipulations for insurance usage. Utilizing your credit card auto insurance could save you money on your rental charges and help you have a peaceful vacation.


You use your credit card to make purchases, so it’s helpful to know if you have protection available for those purchases. Many credit cards offer theft and loss protection on purchases made with your card!


Credit cards are often the first step into lending for many people, which is why a variety of card options are available. With a credit card, you can begin to build a pattern of on-time payments,which will have long-term benefits. In order to qualify for any major loan or to receive the best interest rates, you’ll need to have built a credit history and a respectable credit score. A credit card can help you get there.


While credit cards are great for purchases and shopping, you may not have considered your credit card as a lifeline for financial emergencies. Rather than trying to sort out a personal loan or deal with the stress of coming up with the necessary cash at the time you need it, a credit card provides an option for you to cover unexpected costs with a more doable payback schedule. Just remember to pay your card off as soon as you’re able.

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