From the Mayor

July is a wonderful time of the year with fireworks as a common theme in illuminating our patriotic celebration. As much fun as they are, they also have an undesirable side-effect that is worth mentioning. Please make sure you purchase your fireworks inside Utah. There is a good chance that if you purchase outside of the state they will be illegal. State laws restrict a city or county in effectively managing fireworks so be mindful of the usage and take appropriate safety precautions. Watch out for children in close proximity of fireworks and please don’t launch the aerials within 30 feet of homes, building or structures. We do have some restricted areas within Roy City so check the City’s website for the map outlining where not to use fireworks. If you think about it, please clean up the debris after you enjoy the spectacle. There is nothing like a colorful display of fireworks lighting up a neighborhood. But please don’t light-up, yours or anybody else, property at the same time. Enjoy the celebration of both the 4th and 24th of July; it is a wonderful time of year.
Roy Days is coming. From July 26th to the 3rd of Aug, the City will be hosting a fun-filled week of entertainment, great food, parade, and fireworks. Please take the time to help make this a special week by joining us. There is a little something for everyone!
We have 10 candidates running for three City Council seats. I’m excited that so many are willing to get involved. This is a good time to reach out to the candidates and get their positions on your important issues. I am hoping that some organization would also be willing to host a “Meet the Candidate” night so that our community can be better informed as we work through a primary and general election. Ask the questions and get involved.

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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