Quick Quack Car Wash “Don’t Drive Dirty”

When I was finishing up high school, I worked as a part-time maintenance helper for a local chain of self-serve & automatic car wash bays. The industry at that time was in the process of going “brushless” with the latest generations of automatic car washes. Those touchless or laser washes were, at that time, the next evolution of keeping your car, van or truck’s exterior clean. They offered the convenience of staying inside your car whether in June or in January. As a maintenance worker, I remember the anticipation and excitement of the first people who used it to wash their vehicle. No more rough-shredded nylon brushes or the fear of them damaging their vehicle. I also remember dealing with disappointed customers who had to re-run their car through the wash or do so by hand in order to get a thorough cleaning, along with handwritten “out of order” signs and orange cones.

A lot has changed in those 30 years. New materials, new formulas and more reliable technologies now provide a whole different experience. As one of the first Quick Quack Car Wash customers in their newest location here in Roy, I can attest to you that they offer the latest technical innovations as well as the very best customer service and car wash experience.

In 2004, Jason Johnson and his father-in-law, Cliff Conrad, who had operated a car wash here in Utah, founded a company (initially known as Splash & Dash Car Wash). Just four years later, with the purchase of Amarillo, Texas based Quick Quack Car Wash, they chose to operate all of their locations under the newly acquired name. What has followed since has been a company history of rapid growth and award winning service provided to their customers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and Utah. The company mission is to be, “Fast. Clean. Loved… Everywhere” and creating fans who “Don’t Drive Dirty!”

Quick Quack is a company that believes in taking excellent care of its customers and the environment. They utilize eco-friendly techniques in all of their locations. Using filtering technology, they reclaim 100% of the water used in each operation. They use biodegradable, non-toxic soaps and cleansers while providing a fast, entertaining experience. At the new location on 1900 West, you will see General Manager Richard and his friendly employees, looking sharp in their tie-clad attire, as they take pride in being recognized as being “the best” car wash in our community.

Just a few days before their Grand Opening, Quick Quack hosted a fundraiser to benefit a local construction worker who had been seriously injured in 2018. They offered free car washes with donations encouraged, which were matched up to a predetermined amount. I learned of this act of generosity at their ribbon cutting event. I have participated in hundreds of various Grand Openings. They’re typically a celebration of the hard work it takes to get a business up and running and welcoming the general public. This ceremony was something much more significant. When Quick Quack leadership presented the family with a check for $3,000, the gratitude and appreciation on their faces was amazing. I knew right then and there who I wanted to give my future car wash business to.

The 20-year-old car that I drive, with much of its clear coat dulled from oxidation despite having washed it regularly, looked completely different after my first wash at Quick Quack. Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe how good my old vehicle looked; I had forgotten it used to be the shade of red that it is!
Quick Quack offers unlimited car wash memberships, free vacuums & exceptional customer service. Be sure to use the coupon in this month’s Roy Connection and rediscover the original shade of your car!

Business: Car Wash
Address: 5331 S. 1900 W.
Roy, UT 84067
Phone: 801-772-2792


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