Increase in Garbage and Recycling rates

Effective July 1, 2019 All Roy City Residents will see a proposed increase in the Garbage and Recycle rates. This change is brought on from the service providers. Due to Bi-Monthly Billing, this will be reflected on the September bill. Rate increases are proposed as noted below.
Bi-Monthly Rate
(Rates written as current/proposed)
With Recycling Without Recycling

Garbage Collection and Disposal $21.88/$22.95 $24.16/$25.34
Recycling (opt out option annually in June) $11.82/$12.40 –

Water Usage
First 18,000 gallons (per 1,000) $0.84/$0.86 $0.84/$0.86
Next 12,000 gallons (per 1,000) $1.50/$1.54 $1.50/$1.54
Next 10,000 gallons (per 1,000) $1.69/$1.75 $1.69/$1.75
All gallons over 40,000 (per 1,000) $1.92/$2.00 $1.92/$2.00

Add for Extra Garbage Can (per can; six month minimum) $14.12/$14.81 $14.12/$14.81
Add for Extra Recycle Can (per can) $11.56/$12.13 –


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