Fireworks regulations: Be safe not sorry

Roy residents please be advised that the Fireworks ordinance is being updated and will be available after June 4th. The updated information will be posted on the Roy City website and the Roy Connection site as soon as it is approved and adopted. The restricted sites will remain the same with an addition to include Roy City parks as a consumer fireworks restricted zone. Also, there is an update on some distance requirements for discharging aerial fireworks. Please be safe this fireworks season and obey all safety recommendations and laws pertaining to the use of fireworks. A couple key things to follow while using fireworks to prevent injuries and fires are:

  • Follow all manufacture recommendations on the use of fireworks.
  • Follow all safety guidelines and procedures posted.
  • Follow all local laws on restrictions in the area.
  • Fireworks should only be handled by a responsible adult.
  • Have a water source nearby and soak used fireworks in water before disposal. Please be safe and Contact Roy City Fire Department with any questions at 801-774-1080


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