Midland Pharmacy A legacy of providing exceptional customer service

Every time that I am inside Midland Pharmacy, at some point one of its patrons will tell another one, “I’ve been with Lloyd Thomas for years.” As I have come to know the people and history of this local business, he has indeed earned a reputation of trust, kindness and care for all of his customers these past 40 years. Lloyd began to become known within the Roy community at the original Roy Pharmacy on 5600 South, located next to the old Ben Franklin and Woolworth’s stores in town. Since then, Lloyd has not only become a trusted provider, he has also become a pillar in our community.
Lloyd believes in providing exceptional customer service that is genuine with every customer and every transaction. I can feel that when I am in there. The atmosphere they provide is more like a gathering of friends and family, versus just a place to drop off prescriptions and pick up medicine.
In today’s experience, pharmacies are changing. The Pharmacist and Technicians are being moved to the back, often out of sight or contact with the patient. Lloyd Thomas and the rest of the staff have chosen, very purposefully, not to follow that trend. Being an independently ran pharmacy, they simply do not agree with that direction. They see that the need for direct and effective consultation between pharmacist and patient is crucial to the health and wellbeing of their customers. At other pharmacies, I have noticed a loss of receiving good service, especially with those physical barriers between myself and the providers. When you enter Midland Pharmacy, you will find Lloyd and the rest of the staff in plain sight, right behind the counter. Right where they belong.
Midland Pharmacy is in a great location, right on the southwest corner of 4800 South & 3500 West which also offers customers with a covered drive-thru. They are open Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. & Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed on Sundays. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to see them in person, Midland Pharmacy also offers FREE DELIVERY in Roy.
Their new location is a bright and inviting place with generous space and ample and comfortable seating while offering a well-stocked inventory of most of your possible health care needs. They also offer unique gifts, decor, greeting cards and other goods that are helpful and convenient to find in one place of business. It is just as convenient of a location as their previous one of nearly 19 years, across the street inside Winegar’s Market, if not even more so.
They will soon be offering a drug “take-back” program where you can dispose of expired/unused medications safely. Midland Pharmacy is also Roy Connection’s sponsor for Roy High School’s Students of the Month. Everyone at the pharmacy believes in contributing towards the community which they serve. This is yet another quality that Lloyd Thomas has instilled in their business, past and present.
After 40 years of service, Lloyd will be retiring soon. The legacy of providing exceptional customer service will continue with everyone there. Christy Claxton who, along with most of the staff, has worked with Lloyd for over 25 years said, “we simply know no other way” and “it’s what Lloyd has taught us. His leadership, kindness and professionalism will likely be the greatest contribution that Lloyd has made with his people.”
When it is time to fill your next prescription or pickup medical supplies, visit or call Midland Pharmacy. I am certain that you will be highly impressed and come to value their quality of service, as I now do.

Business: Pharmacy
Address: 4815 S. 3500W.
Roy, UT 84067
Phone: 801-985-7011


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