From the Mayor

“This year Roy City will have three City Council seats up for election…get involved with your local government and let your voice be heard.”

Keeping the Community Connected

Let me first recognize the Herefordshire Intermountain Roy Clinic groundbreaking. We are excited the Clinic chose to expand their capabilities with this new modern facility. It is wonderful to see Sunridge Assisting Living, Kids Town and Ridge Line Reality as new additions to our community. Welcome!
With spring in full swing and secondary water now available, please remember to conserve. Please don’t water your lawns between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.. This minimizes evaporation and allows your landscape to receive the full benefit of the water.
This year Roy City will have three City Council seats up for election. If interested in running, candidates need to file with the City Recorder between June 3-7th during normal business hours. There is a small filing fee that is required. A primary election will occur on August 13, if necessary, to narrow down the field of candidates. The General Election will be held on November 5th. Roy City will not be hosting a public “Meet the Candidates” event this year based on current state policy. However, an individual and/or organization can sponsor such an event for the involvement of the general public. Facilities such as the Southwest Branch of the Weber County Library in Roy and the Hope Center are excellent venues you might consider.
The upcoming Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, will begin the 101 days of summer. This is a warm, fun time and great opportunity to get outdoors. It is also a dangerous time for injuries and accidents. Think about safety and please be safe.
Lastly, remember to get involved with local government and let your voice be heard.
Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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