Campfire Cooking

Warmer, summer days will be here soon and that means cooking outside! Enjoy these recipes that will feed hungry appetites while enjoying a campfire.

Pole Boys

by Chris Berry

Each spring we look forward to lighting a campfire either here at home or in the woods.  One of our favorite treats to cook over the fire are affectionately called “Pole boys.”

This treat was introduced to us by dear friends of ours. Start off with wooden dowels, 1.5”-2.5” diameter, about 4 feet in length. Round off the edge and sand to remove any splinters. Soak in vegetable oil and heat up over a fire for the first time use. This helps the oil soak in and “season” the wood for future baking. 

Pre-coat the stick with spray oil before each use. Open a container of large premade biscuit dough and mold over the top of the stick, carefully stretching the dough to about 6” in length. Buttermilk or butter flavored dough works best; do not use flaky biscuits.  Once the dough is evenly stretched over the stick, hold over hot coals and rotate, much like roasting a marshmallow. Do not cook over open flame because it will tend to burn.  Once the dough is golden brown and slightly crispy, let cool for a minute and slowly twist the biscuit and lift off the stick.

Fill the biscuit with any variety of stuffing. Suggested fillings are: Nutella, Biscoff, peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, cookie crumbles, yogurt, whipped cream or chocolate syrup. Your taste buds are your only limit. You could even make dinner or breakfast versions with pulled pork, taco meat, scrambled eggs and sausage.  Kids love cooking their own biscuit but will need extra supervision around the fire. Enjoy and be safe.

Items needed:

Wooden dowels about 2” in diameter

Large biscuit dough

Hot coals in a fire pit

Spray oil

Filling: chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, etc…

Napkins or small towel to hold the dough (it’s hot)

Foil Dinners

by Melissa Spelts

With summer just around the corner, we thought we could get you thinking of summer-time foods. This is one of our favorites. You can add your favorite food (fish, chicken, hamburger, pork, etc with your favorite veggies and potatoes) and make a yummy meal. I’ve cooked these in my oven in winter months, on the grill or in our fire-pit in the summer.

Our go-to ingredients:

One hamburger patty

One potato cut up (I like mine with sweet potatoes and my family likes it with golden potatoes)

½ cup of corn, green beans and carrots

Salt and pepper


Place the potatoes down first on the foil and last after food has been placed on foil. This protects the food in the middle and keeps the meat and veggies from burning.

Cook time is 12- 15 minutes. Open up the meal and check if the meat is fully cooked before serving.


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