What to Eat: Bombay Grill

Bombay Grill
Sometimes your food destination can bring you to a place that is unique and totally unexpected. An urban adventure! From the curb, Bombay Grill has an eclectic vibe to its location on Washington Boulevard in Ogden. It’s a type of place that makes you ask, what exactly is in there?

When Jaspal Singh opened his establishment in 2007, he chose this location after having noticed few quality Indian / Pakistani restaurants, if any, north of Salt Lake City at the time. He had successfully operated other restaurants in other states and looked forward to offering authentic, quality food in Ogden. Myself, my wife and our close knit group of friends from Ogden High School
all discovered Bombay Grill shortly after Jaspal opened for business. What a great find it has been for us!

Inside is simple, elemental and low-key decor. It’s a throwback to small scale family dining with a few special touches. At lunchtime, warm and bright natural light from the large front windows fills the place, which makes it feel alive with energy. Those same windows offer amazing views of Mt. Ogden. By night, Bombay Grill is a subdued, relaxed space for gathering with friends & family as the sights and sounds of Ogden’s “Main Street” flows outside. Of course, the best part of any great place to eat should be the food, and here it most definitely is. To get started, Jaspal in the kitchen can start rolling, seasoning and firing delicious Indian breads from inside his Tandoori oven. He’ll craft tasty soups such as Raita (made with yogurt, cucumbers & tomatoes), Seafood or Vegetarian Curry and start preparing ingredients for cooking up his popular Lamb Do Pijama, Chicken Tikka Masala or Malai Kofta.

Other meals that I recommend are his Lamb Saagwala &Veg Coconut Curry. My ultimate personal favorite though is the Mango Chicken Curry. My wife loves the Malai Kofta. Our daughter likes to explore the lamb dishes they offer. After 12 years of patronage, Jaspal or his wife no longer ask me what main course I want, just how hot (spicy). I guess I know what I like, and I like what I know. In all of the times that my family, friends and I have eaten there, we have never had a meal that was disliked. Sometimes we’d be too adventurous with how spicy we’d ask Jaspal to make our meal (he uses a 1 to 10 scale, and his 10 is thermonuclear bliss, just so you know). Sometimes, it will be a competition between friends. A “How hot can you take it?” sort of adventure challenge. In those cases, a glass of milk or one of their delicious Strawberry, Blueberry or Mango Lassi’s would always tone the
heat back down. Whether you go for hot or mild, the flavors have always been consistent and excellent.

At the end of your meal, Jaspal or his wife can make up scrumptious Mango Kulfi (a homemade ice cream) or Gulabjaman, my daughter’s favorite (a deep fried pastry and homemade cheese, topped with a sweet syrup). Bombay Grill has been a treasure for me, my friends and my family and for many others in Ogden and Weber County. With
Jaspal and his family and staff, you are a stranger but once. There you will find more than just a new place to eat great food. You’ll find a new destination, totally unexpected, which you will indeed want to return to again.


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