From The Mayor Robert Dandoy

This time of year is when you begin to see the traditional orange traffic barricades dotting the road landscape. Roy City will have its fair share throughout the year. Let me provide an update on what we know at this point and what we all need to plan for.  

UDOT is still working through their traffic assessment of 5600 south (SR-108) between 3500 west and the I-15 Interchange. This study is expected to be completed sometime before the end of the year and they will hold another public meeting to discuss results. There is no funding at this time to start work once the study is finished. However, UDOT is planning to perform road surface work on 5600 South starting sometime in the spring. In addition, UDOT will be starting the contractor selection process to install north and south bound Express Lanes on I-15 right through the City in both Weber and Davis counties.

UDOT and the Union Pacific Railroad should start the improvements on the railroad crossing at 4800 south in the August / September timeframe. This project will change the configuration of that crossing to help mitigate serious safety issues. We recognize the need and will work to get this done before school starts. Another safety issue that we hope gets started this year will be the intersection of 4000 South and 1900 West. That southbound turn lane off 4000 South onto 1900 West has been the scene of numerous accidents.     

I’ve sent a request to UDOT to look at the left turn arrow on northbound 1900 West at 6000 South. At different times of day, we are stacking way too many cars at that location who need a left turn onto 6000 south. In addition we are planning curb, gutter and sidewalk in areas that are missing along 6000 South.

4400 South should finally see some road improvements this year. The water districts will be installing new waterlines, both culinary and secondary, on this road and when they finish, we plan to resurface it. If money holds out improvements will be made on 2175 west, 4000 south, 5700 south, and 3100 west.   

We have much to do this year, so watch for updates on the City’s website and social media pages. If you have questions, reach out to your elected City officials for answers. Let your voice be heard!  

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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