A Bucket Fun of Swill and a Fire

By Melissa Spelts

This is a story as told by Esther Diane Baker (Robinson) about a scary experience from her childhood. Esther remembers a time while living at a place in the Basin (Roy) area where she was all alone at home with her younger siblings. She noticed that the pile of sage brush next to the stove in the corner of the room was on fire. Her mind quickly went through her options at that point. “Realizing that I was all alone and could not go for help and [did] not [have] any water except the 50 foot deep well, I had to think fast or lose everything we possessed, so I looked around the room. My eyes fell on a bucket filled with swill, water and garbage for the pigs. I grabbed the bucket and threw all of its contents onto the fire and was almost in the act of throwing the light bread dough on it when I could see it was almost out. So then we proceeded to clean up the mess.” What a brave young girl! In our day we have water handy in almost every room of the house. Her quick thinking saved her family home. A great reminder of the blessings of modern day conveniences that we have and use every day.

Vintage Iron Stove. Antique Stove Closeup.


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