Jeremy has over 25 years’ experience in branding, marketing, sales and service. When people have asked Jeremy what he does for a living, he’s often told them “First and foremost, I’m a visual storyteller,” years before social media had coined the term.
As a small business owner himself, Jeremy understands the value and importance of making every investment of time, effort and resources count. He has worked as a leader for and with major retailers, re-sellers and wholesalers, both locally and nationally, specializing in new-market insertions, grand openings, as well as developing their brand here in Weber County and elsewhere.
Jeremy was born, raised and has resided in Weber County. He is an alumni of Ogden High School where he met his wife of almost 25 years, Michelle, a graduate of Weber State University where their daughter attends today. Jeremy’s family roots go back to some of the earliest settlers in Weber County, the Union & Southern Pacific Railroads and his extended family today owns and operates several local institutions which were all started here in Northern Utah.
Our community and its people have always been highly important to Jeremy. From his service in the Boy Scouts of America as a child, serving as a peer mentor of disabled students in high school, Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Utah and most recently with The Salvation Army.
The study and creation of art, photography, imagery and advertising has been a life-long passion of his. Jeremy is the President of the Ogden Camera Club and owner/operator of Blissful Light Images, LLC. With his passion and experience in promoting businesses and organizations he has contributed in, Jeremy understands the unique needs of businesses and organizations, big or small, new to our community or well-established institutions.
Let Jeremy help you tell the story of your business or organization. Contact him today at 801-391-8250 or


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