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Keeping the Community Connected

With winter coming to a close and spring but days away, I would like to thank our snowplow team for their service this year. At all hours of the day, they stepped up and cleared our streets as effective and efficient as possible. Well done!
Roy City, much like other local governments, is enabled by the Utah Legislature with very broad powers to control land use. Our Zoning Ordinance provides zoning districts, standards, guidance, and regulation of land, buildings, structures, and related activities outlined in the Roy City Municipal Code. These policies are intended to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and businesses, and to promote the orderly use of lands within the City. These Ordinances therefore allow for efficient and orderly growth; preserve open spaces; provide required public services, and protect landowners from potential adverse impacts from adjacent uses. For many years, this Municipal Code has helped us to evolve into a prosperous community.
The issue today, while working with these Ordinances, is, are they still relevant? Do the policies in use today, that were created years ago, provide the needed value or are they a hindrance in moving us forward? Interesting question when you consider the impact these Ordinances have on the day to day lives of residents, property owners and business owners. Healthy governments should take a serious look and review their zoning laws and policies. We are doing just that!
Roy City recently issued a contract to a company to assist us in updating our General Plan. As I stated in the October 2018 edition, we will be focusing our attention on the Business District along 1900 and the Frontrunner Station development. There will come a point soon when your ideas, concerns and recommendations will be needed. Watch for the community engagement dates / times and please get involved.
In addition, our Business Advisory Board is off and running with a charter to help us by reviewing our ordinances / policies and make recommendations to the Council. The first couple meetings has surfaced a genuine desire to do a deep dive into our zoning policies. I am confident they will present some solid recommendations, but equally important, they will walk away with a better understanding of the complexities of City government. We will share with you the progress we are making in these two initiatives.
I am sure that as we take the time to access and review our ordinances and policies, we can make the minor adjustments needed to bring them in line with our modern society. To climb that sizable “mountain of rules”, we must take that first step. We have done just that! It is important that we plan our future and not react to it!
We can still retain our small town culture and evolve into a competitive, robust City where people still want to live, work and play. You can help! Know the ordinances that govern our City. Follow those ordinances and be compliant. If you find an ordinance that seems outdated, bring it to our attention. You have elected City officials who work for you. Reach out, get them involved! Let your voice be heard! Your issues are our issues.
–Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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