Josh Cottle/Farmers Insurance Agency With Deep Roots

Josh Cottle / Farmers Insurance Agency Insurance Agent with Deep Roots
By Ryan Spelts

Josh Cottle is a second generation Farmers Insurance Agent that was raised in a sociable, friendly and service-oriented family. His father built a successful business, and as he retired, Josh was drawn to the opportunity to continue the legacy and work closely with customers. Josh quickly proved to be the perfect fit, handling the agency, satisfying customers and growing the business. He particularly enjoys the personal interactions with clients that he has built over the past eight years.

Many insurance companies have removed the agent from the picture, forcing clients to use 1-800 numbers to get answers or file a claim. Josh, however, enjoys serving his client’s needs personally. He likes helping them customize their coverage. He makes himself available to his customers and supports them emotionally while navigating them through tough times and unexpected events. His hospitable and responsive staff is committed to the service and well-being of customers as well. When you visit their office, you will be greeted with kindness and enjoy a little humor.

Cindy Sikes is a licensed professional and works with Josh at Farmers Insurance located at 2050 W 5700 S Roy, UT. She has a decade of insurance experience and is a valuable asset to the agency. She helps make sure everyone that needs assistance receives it promptly.

Life changes quickly, and Josh enjoys helping his clients as they add children to their families, update life insurance, move to new homes or purchase vehicles. He values those long-time personal relationships as well as getting to know new customers.

Josh is privileged to have his insurance agency located in the community where he grew up. The office has served residents in the central location for 30 years. He is surrounded by long-time friends and neighbors. He is well-connected in the community and knowledgeable about what is happening locally. For example, if a weather situation causes property damage, he can relate to the situation. He has developed a network of trusted service providers who quickly respond to property damage, flood or storm damage and accidents.

Josh feels fortunate to enjoy a family-friendly career. He has the flexibility to adjust his schedule to accommodate his young family. He is involved in his children’s lives and activities. Fatherhood includes helping the children get ready each morning and dropping them off at school. He is grateful for a career that aids his goal to bond with his boys, support his wife Jenny, and maintain close and meaningful relationships with his family.

Jenny is a stay-at-home mom and a piano teacher. She is active in the boy’s school classrooms and their sports. They have three active boys—Ryker, Tage and Asher— that keep the Cottle household very busy. The family loves the outdoors and spends their free time camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and 4-wheeling. They are also involved with scouting where Josh is a volunteer troop leader in a unit sponsored by his church. He and his family are very involved and active in their faith.
We are grateful to Josh for being part of our community and supporting the new city magazine.

Business: Insurance
Address: 2050 W. 5700 S.
Roy, UT 84067
Phone: 801-775-0424


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