Heart Facts


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February is American Heart Health Month
By Brian Tolman DC –
Chiropractic Physician
Live Well Chiropractic PC

• Your heart will beat an average of 2.5 billion times in your lifetime!
• The average heart will pump enough blood in its lifetime to fill three supertankers!
• Your heart pushes blood through so many blood vessels that if you laid all the vessels out end to end, they would be long enough to circumnavigate the earth twice!
• In reviewing all the heart studies for over 200 years, the biggest determining factor for the longevity of a healthy heart is what type of fuel you place in your body daily!

We don’t often think about our heart as an organ and how daily decisions of diet and activity can have such a huge impact on the health and function of our vascular system (blood flow system). When we give good positive energy to the brain and vascular system, we feel much better with more energy and we avoid the scary diagnosis of heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the U.S.

Having a diagnosis of heart disease is not a lottery chance nor is it randomly passed down from our parents. Heart disease is a choice, actually an accumulation of many choices over many years! When we choose to participate in a regimen of consistent exercise, eat healthy foods on a regular basis and live a positive lifestyle, we find that the end results are phenomenally better than those who don’t make those healthy choices. The number one nutrient that has proven most effective to reduce heart disease is the omega 3 fatty acid. A simple blood test for under $100 will measure your fatty acids and determine your preventative risk for heart disease. This test is better than any cholesterol test.

1 out of every 3 individuals have early signs of heart stress due to hypertension or sustained high blood pressure. Medication is often the first option, even though lifestyle modification proves to be more effective with only positive side effects. Another option that many are unaware of is chiropractic adjustments! Two published studies on hypertension and chiropractic adjustments have shown better results than a two-drug medical intervention! Have you been adjusted lately?
To share your heart with your sweetheart this month, please take heart in this message that you will have a healthy heart by making small but wise decisions each and every day. If you want a natural approach to prevent heart disease and its devastating results, please consult with your doctor and ask for non-drug options that actually work and have no side effects.


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