Mayors Message

Keeping the Community Connected

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to Jason Poulsen for his devoted public service to this great City. His commitment to duty and passion in wanting to make a difference as a city manager was refreshing. He touched and influenced the lives of many that he served, including me. On numerous occasions he provided counsel on difficult issues and brought a spirit of optimism in challenging times. His welcoming smile set the tone of many meetings and his ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms has brought great understanding. Rarely have I seen one come along that has been able to lead by example, demonstrate a willingness to listen, and been a thoughtful leader. He exemplified the decree “Service before Self” and it has been my honor to serve with him.

Today we have a new city manager, Matt Andrews. He comes to the job with incredible skills and knowledge in accounting and budgeting. The perfect fit as we face difficult challenges ahead. He is highly respected by his employees, in large part, because he cares deeply about employee issues. He is as level headed as any leader I’ve met and ready to push forward in helping to improve the quality of life for residents and employees. It will be great working with Matt to explore ways to advance the best interests of this community.

Speaking of community, may I draw your attention to developments underway within Roy City! We have a town home development underway north of 4800 south on 1900 west. In the far southwest corner along the Clinton and Hooper border on 6000 south, we have a new subdivision going in. The new assisted living development on 5600 south, west of 3500 is nearing completion. Watch for the completion of the new Kidz Town development behind the Ocean Mart store. The new IHC Herefordshire Clinic will begin shortly, just west of the existing facility. Burger King has started renovation of a facility in front of Harmon’s. We have a lot of developments underway and more to come.

Let me close by asking you to stay engaged in your local government. Ask your elected officials to keep you aware and informed on important issues. This year we will have three council member seats up for re-election. The city council as a governing body is critical in helping this community move forward and not fall behind. We have tough issues ahead that need creative ideas, timely informative decisions, and vision into the future. We must plan for the future and not react to it. Expect results and hold your elected officials accountable to deliver. We can do this, but we have to do it together.

Get involved with local government and let your voice be heard! Your issues are our issues.

–Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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