Code Red

Emergency Communication Made Easy.
WHAT IS CODE RED?The Public Safety agencies of Weber County are using CodeRED, a high speed mass notification system to keep you safe in the event of an emergency. The System allows us to deliver emergency messages to you via phone call to your landline or mobile device and through text and email.
You will know you have received a codeRED alert when the number 866-419-5000 appears on your caller ID. If you missed any message details you can always dial the toll free number back, as many times as needed.

Sign Up Your Cell Phone and Receive Code Red Mobile Alerts.

Did you know that it is free to sign up your cell phone for codeRED? It is also very important to do, because if your contact information is not in the database, or if you do not have a landline phone in your home, then you will not receive alerts if an emergency were in your area.

Our alert system utilizes telephone numbers that are landline based. If you do not have a landline telephone, you will not receive a notification. By registering your cell phone, the mapping program will geographically code your cell phone to the address of your residence or work location. You will be able to tell the map where you want your cell phone to be tied to online at** If you need assistance to register your cell phone with CodeRED, or if you have questions please contact Weber County Emergency management at: 801-778-6682.


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