Communities that Care

The Roy Communities that Care (CTC) Coalition believes that  together we can be one town, one team, one dream through creating and fostering a safe, healthy, and prosperous place to live, work, and play. Our community is a supportive place to raise a child, to be a child, to promote responsible and involved citizenship and to encourage lifelong learning. Included in the coalition are parents, grandparents, religious leaders, school personnel, law enforcement, local government, youth, healthcare, and youth serving organizations. The Roy CTC is hoping to have a tremendous impact on the community by using the evidence based coalition model of Communities that Care (CTC).  The Social Development Research Group from the University of Washington has research showing that youth from communities that implement CTC were 25% – 33% less likely to have health and behavior problems than youth from control communities.
The coalition is in the process of completing  a community assessment to identify community concerns, strengths and what resources are available. Priority Risk/Protective Factors:Suicide Related Indicators, Early Initiation of Antisocial Behaviors, Interaction with Pro-social Peers, Rewards for Pro-social Involvement. Risk Behaviors:  Depression and  Hopelessness Underage Drinking E-Cigarettes With this information, we will be developing our strategic plan based on the results of the assessment to implement evidence based prevention programs and strategies in our community. The coalition helps every aspect of the community, especially the youth.  Reducing substance use, suicide rates,  and other risk behaviors benefits everyone.  Studies from the Social Development Research Group shows that CTC is a great investment.  For every dollar invested in CTC,  $5.31 is returned in the form of lower criminal justice system, crime victim, and healthcare costs, and increased earnings and tax revenues.  More importantly, if the coalition can help save one life by teaching individuals in our community to know how to recognize if someone is suicidal and how to intervene, or prevent a youth in our community form going down the road to addiction, it will be well worth it.
How can people help?  Get involved!   The coalition’s success is dependent on local residents getting involved.  There are opportunities for all levels of commitment whether it be serving on the Community Board, a work-group, or helping at an event.


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