Irrigation Season Wrap-Up

The 2018 secondary water season was certainly . . . interesting. Many of our customers learned the importance of filter maintenance due to an unwelcome visit to our system by clam shrimp. Because secondary water is untreated river water, naturally occurring aquatic and plant life is to be expected, although this year we saw an unusually high amount of the former. This is where regular filter maintenance becomes crucial, much like the filters you change in your furnace or vehicle. While 95% or more of the connections in our system have a filter (usually by the gate valve), a lot of property owners are not aware it exists, that it is their responsibility to maintain, or how to clean it. Please take the time to locate your gate valve and filter, both of which are the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair. If the filter is dirty, remove it, take it apart, and clean it out completely. We have videos on our website at showing how to do this for four different kinds of filters. Our employees are also very helpful and knowledgeable and willing to help locate your filter if you are unable to find it – just call our office at 801-825-9744 and we can schedule a time to meet. Although we will be taking all the precautions we can to prevent clam shrimp and algae from taking up residence in our water lines next year, we have no control over the quality of water we receive from the reservoirs and river. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to get familiar with your filter as soon as you can! Due to current drought conditions in our area, secondary water was turned off on October 1st this year. Depending on the Weber River drainage basin snowfall in the higher elevations this winter, secondary water supplies may experience a similar shutdown or other reductions in 2019. Many of you have done a great job conserving water, but we can all do our part to conserve a very precious resource. Thank you! Roy Water Conservancy District


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